About the project:

Pineal Gland is an extreme metal project formed in Dublin, Ireland by a guitarist Jan Cichos. The band’s style is a blend of thrash, death and groove metal based on irregular mathematical patterns. Lyrically it’s mainly focused on modern culture, political structures, 21st century social problems, conspiracies as well as ancient knowledge (sacred geometry) , forbidden chemicals (DMT), global mind control, human consciousness and their connection with pineal gland.

Since its formation in 2012 the project has had several members that contributed in creation of the debut album. ‘Brainwashed Societies’ was recorded by Guitarist Jan Cichos and the band itself in Dublin in 2016. The album, produced by Pineal Gland and Filip ‘Heinrich’ Halucha (Vesania, Masachist, Decapitated), mixed and mastered by the latter in Heinrich House Studio is set to be released in 2017.

Between 2012 and 2016 the band performed live along with:
Dead Label, Thy Worshiper, Between Horizons, Scutum Crux, Praesepe.

Debut Album line up:

Lukasz Szulczyk – Vocals
Jan Cichos – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sebastian Majka – Bass Guitars
Michal Tomczak – Drums

Guest appearances on ‘Brainwashed Societies’:

Marcin Gąsiorowski (Thy Worshiper) – Vocals in ‘Nowhere’,
Carl King (Two Tales Of Woe) – Vocals in ‘Me(n)tal Head’.

Single “Nowhere” of “Brainwashed Societies”